Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What a month!

What a month it has been for me! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in the last month. To say I've been busy has been understating things! Today marks the one month "anniversary" of me owning my first car! I bought it on my own credit, using money saved up for the downpayment purely of my own earnings! Hubby only came along to do the haggling/test drive of the vehicle I chose. His name isn't even on the paperwork! woohoo! Here's me with the salesguy just as we took possession of it! ;)

Can you see the excitement on my face? LOL. Then I had to drive home and it was hilarious because I panicked...I asked hubby how to get there! Good news is that he didn't laugh in my face about it. If you've been reading, you'll see that I JUST got my license this past September and hadn't really started driving until earlier this year. After the last month of not having to rely on Jack for getting me hither and fro, I can better appreciate the sacrifice he has made for me! But there's still a grin on my face!

But it hasn't been all good things. Some things were stressful, as life can be. This past Friday, we met with the Prosecuting Attorney on case concerning my nephew, Kekoa's passing. It was to explain the Plea Date that is occuring this coming Friday, what would occur and what the accused is being charged with. What it broke down to, is that his lawyer explained that no matter what happened he would be going to Jail and this is his best bet. It's scary and upsetting that it will be almost a year that he's been gone. It's been a long and lonely year without him. Everytime I think about it, the phrase Your absence has gone through me like thread through a needle.

But, enough of the sadness! I'm confident this weekend will be the beginning to justice being served. And hopefully, the beginning of a healing process. With that, I'd like to announce my first giveaway in honor of my first month of owning my own car. I'll draw the winner a week from now, so leave some comments and spread the love out there! One random winner gets a $25 gift card to Shell gas stations. I'll be back later this week with my Project 365 posts!

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