Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So there are some birthday's coming up in the next few weeks and idle conversations have turned into plotting with me. ROFL. My cousin kaleo turns 18 on Monday and I'm thinking that we could turn his "come over and hang out" day on Sunday into a mini bday party. also I'm wanting to do pictures of me, my sisters and all the keiki's then with Tanya. It occured to me as I was emailing back and forth with Tanya ~ someone is ALWAYS pregnant when I try and do pictures of the kids..... WTH is up with THAT?! LOL. Both events should be fun if I can pull them off. We'll have to see though...

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yesterday I had an epiphany. We'd gotten home and J was in the mood to sit down and read after work lately. I'm not sure if it's the lifestyle change he's been making or that he just got really tied into the book he's reading. Either way, he's made a habit to sit down and read the past week when he gets home. It's a nice way to escape after work and last night I decided to join him. Only after I'd sat and joined him, after a couple of pages I realized I could get some laundry done at the same time. I needed to run the finished loads through the dryer again to get the bulk of the wrinkles out and fold/put them away. So I went into the bedroom and seperated them - whites, hang up stuff and everything else and did that. I got through all the hang up stuff and also ironed the pieces that still required it and all the whites. By the time I put the rest of the stuff in the dryer, it was time to get dinner started and I never got back to it. I got a lot done though and am proud of that. I'm also glad I'm not the only one whose laundry room looks like a war zone.

I've also discovered that I'm not the only one in a gift making frenzy. This past weekend, I made a passel of these, a bunch of tissue holders, a sling and started two quilts. I also went on a search to find these. The plan is to use the kiddy fabric I've got TONS of, and make one or two to go with the store bought ones my mom gave her as well as make a few for me. ;) The PROBLEM though is finding the time. Time seems to always be a problem. Esp when I'm NEED to make some booking calls, but don't have the will or fortitude to do them. It's easy to get discouraged and want to quit. It's finding the energy to power through that and stick with it I'm having problems with. *sigh* anyone wanna buy some Partylite?

For those that wanted to know, the photos below are from my friend Tanya's new business venture. She's opened, complete with business license, her own photography business. She's awesome and also the one to take the latest pictures J and I have had done.

It's funny bc I thought she was being over critical when she said the photos she was posting on blogger came out too pixelated. I didn't see them as such until yesterday's post. As such, she's got a new blog here. Go check it out, she's pretty awesome.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Babies on the brain...

It's been non stop talk about babies lately that has me wishing we were more ready to have one of our own. I know, though, that we're not. (doesn't stop me from wanting!) On Saturday afternoon, Jack and I went to Puamohala's shower. It's crazy to think that she's even PG, but at looking at Tanya's photoshoot with her, she's just GLOWING.

In typical filipino style, there was tons of food that i haven't had in ages - loved it to the point it hurt. lol. i was good though and made up for it by not eating that many desserts. it was pretty chaotic at the halau. I guess her family came in to do set up without her and did it differently than was normally done for halau "feeds". She had lots of guests (and presents) and the event was pretty chaotic (i said that already didn't I?). It was great to be able to see and catch up with some of the girls. I can't wait until I'll have time to start going....and transportation.

Sunday though was Secret's final baby shower. It sucks that I had to be the one to make all the arrangements (long distance) and that I had so little help with it. It was even crazier that Ivory was so secretive about her being PG again...esp since most everyone knew. The fun part about the shower is that the common phrase was "I made that!" lol. Chelsea made her an awesome looking fleece blanket. The neat part is that Tony helped out by picking the fabric print. It had cute wittle teddy bears and sports stuff on it. When Secret opened it, Chelsea had exclaimed in a voice of disbelief ~ I made that! which prompted us all to say it. How funny that she got so much homemade stuff!

Auntie Charlene sent up a small baby quilt for her and I made her a ring sling. I'd almost given up on it because the original intention was to give her one using the elmo fabric that I had bought years ago on ebay, but the flannel turned out to be too thick. (One day I'll make time to take it apart) But Friday night I was doing the chapstick holders and prepping the last of the kleenex holders when the fabric called to me. I was looking through the box for island prints so I could do a few in those and SAW it. I don't recall where I had gotten the fabric now, but I do know that the original intent was a shirt...or something... hey maybe I got it at Joann's!. Anyways, it turned into a nice little sling for Aiden. I hope she really likes it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No I'm not lazy

I've just been crazy busy at work. I never realized how draining talking on the phone can be at the end of the day! lol. and no you're not crazy, I left the christmas tree up ON PURPOSE. What better way to celebrate the greatest time of year?

So I never got the Jelly Roll into a firm shape. It came in, I tore it apart and the original plan kinda disinegrated in front of me. the roll told me it didn't like it and now it sits and stares at me from a tray (actually an empty sobe box/tray) mocking me. I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, but in the mean time, I bought a few charm squares! :teehee

Both have definite plans, so keep watching as they take shape. I hope to have one done by the time I leave for St Louis in July. Those crazy Bobers will get a huge kick out of it. here's a sample of that one! don't you love that cute little bootie! rofl

I did also make my first batch of tissue holders this past weekend. I was neglectful and forgot to get shower gifts for my sister's baby shower so I made a dozen of these, and stuffed the bag with candy she had. Boy was she thankful to get rid of all that candy!

In other worlds, I met a girl last night who is new to my Partylite team who lives close by! how exciting! We talked briefly about carpooling. We'll see how that pans out!

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