Friday, July 18, 2008

Go the Distance with Partylite

so it's been an awesome week in St Louis with my Partylite friends. even got to Busch Stadium (the third) and take a tour. I now want to tour baseball stadiums ALL OVER!

This is me in the Cardinals dugout. How cool is THAT? i MAY just have to start watching baseball!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chickens like their heads....

We've all heard the phrase "running around like chicken's with their heads cut off".... or at least most of us have. I guess as time goes by, phrases like this become more and more obsolete. (does that mean I'm getting old? o.O

The last few months have been so crazy for me that I barely have time to do my favorite crafts, much less come on and blog. (in fact, I'm ignoring work to take a sanity check with you guys! ;))

This last month in particular has been even harder. I had to deal with the passing of my 3 year old nephew and then as I started to come out of the doldrums THAT brought on, my aunt passed away of complications of breast cancer. Both passings are bad enough on their own, but each incident could have been prevented. I've come on here to blog a few times, but then put it aside because I could not adequately put into words what I wanted to say.

My last post talked about a few projects I was going to do. Mainly the note-taker found at Pink Chalk Studios. Even though I *said* I'd whip up a few of the projects I already owned before purchasing it, I couldn't resist. I bought the supplies I would need to make this....

I bought the crayons and the paper happily anticipating a fun bright yellow pad with the elmo print I had purchased for Kekoa. It was going to be another one of those "Just because Auntie Loves You" gifts.... one that he could use at his other aunt's home while his mother went to work. But circumstances changed and she wasn't caring for him any longer and then suddenly he was gone. Now the project sits undone bc everytime I look at those crayons I cry.

I WAS productive though. I got more active in my scrapbooking as DH allowed me to buy a CRICUT.

Boy the die cutting fun I had! I made scrapbook pages....
This one looks like a book! -->

Nugget tins...

I made some cards that I have no pictures of and also picked up stamping and the use of a cuttlebug to make EVERYTHING extra pretty.

I also did a couple real quick table cloths and cloth napkins. One set for my aunt because she liked this placemat/napkin set I made for a swap and her sewing machine was broken.
I really need to go back for more of that brown palm print.... I don't have those pictures with me though. camera's at home so I'll post those tomorrow....or something. The 2nd set was mine bc I got tired of the ugly green "formal" tablecloth I had hiding my "dining table". So I bought a nice sturdy floral print and whipped up a quick cloth for myself. sorta....still have to do those edges, but it was either leave the fugly one on or leave the foldup/scratched up 6ft folding table bare. I like the illusion so I choose to cover it.

oh yeah...and those kleenex holders? Everytime I make that floral one, it "disappears". huh. so I've got to make ANOTHER one bc I'm in the middle of allergy city here. *sneeze* 'scuse me!

that's me in a nutshell (austin!) Hopefully you should see more posting here again in the near future. Lots of crazy variety in my crafting made me feel like that chicken, but thankfully I'm almost totally caught up. Except for the Fling ACS Auction table....still go to get those monkeys going!

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