Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life is rough. Deal with it.

It's been a loooong two weeks. and it's not even over. I've had so many things lately going on that I've neglected a few things. My Blog, the blogs I follow, even message boards I post and moderate on. We all have to remember to take time for yourself. Life is rough and has many pitfalls and potholes on it.

Remember to take time for yourself! I did last week. I was on the way to get my tires rotated. The handy dandy little car care book says they should be done right about now. I asked my sweet hubby where to go and he gave me a good idea. It was even on the way to his work on my commute home! (we carpool) But that day we'd driven separately because he needed to go in early to catch up on some stuff. He'd emailed me about a surprise dinner in Issaquah for a friend who had officially become a citizen earlier that day. I had a few hours so I was going to do errands instead of going all the way home and then turning around. But I got side tracked. I was waiting at a light and decided to turn around and head to the mall for a haircut. I hadn't had one in quite a while and had mentioned a few times that I needed one. I was feeling down and bad for myself and I decided right then and there (as the light turned green)that I was going to Gene Juarez! I don't normally use the salon bc admit it. It's on the pricier side for haircuts. Fantastic sams knows perfectly well how to handle a pair of scissors for 1/4th of the price.

wow was I suprised! I spent an hour in her chair, most of which I think she spent styling, and came out with a terrific haircut! Normally, when I go, I want them to give me THEIR advice. After all, this is their profession right? They should know what would look good with certain facial structures. The only thing I told her is that I wanted it about shoulder length and no bangs. Chelsea, the stylist, suggested as long as the collarbone and some layers throughout. I have to admit it turned out way fab! Check it out...what do you think?

it probably helps if you have a point of reference though huh? hmmm let's try this one from a few months ago...

I *really* need to get some sun...

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