Friday, September 19, 2008

Birthday goodness

let me begin this by saying DH is one of those do or die shoppers when it comes to gifts. Either it will be REALLY REALLY awesome, or he gets you nothing at all. For my birthday this year, we weren't able to get home in time to get into the manager's office to pick up packages. They were there, he was there, but it was after hours so they wouldn't let him in.

But I got home yesterday, we picked up the package and then went to the apt. I went to change and while I was in the bedroom he layed it out for me so I'd see it when I came back into the main room. DECALS!

Name:  ls-fantasy-grn-350.jpg Views: 66 Size:  23.9 KB with one for my phone. He thought this design rather artsy-fartsy and since I've been so inclined lately, he thought I'd like it. (My first thought was of Colette ). Even cooler was that the phone decal comes with a code for a wallpaper so that it is one "complete" design.

Once I got done cooing over it, he showed me this one tooName:  ls-zen-rev-350.jpg Views: 66 Size:  27.5 KB

I got a spare set! and I got to choose which goes on first. so I've put the 2nd one on my phone and I'm saving the laptop decals until we decide how everything here is going to layout. space wise (we've been doing some massive moving around)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Angela Lansbury move over.

DH really has to learn to be more sneaky. My birthday is on Tuesday and he IM'd me yesterday asking "Hey which model BB Curve do you have 8830? 8810?"

Not the typical type of question from him so I told him I have the only one Tmobile sells - the 8820. This also happens to be the only non-GPS model.

A short time later he IM's again... which Dell Laptop do you have?

right as we're getting home, he mentions... HEY I have a box coming in. Under noooo circumstances, are you to open it!

Doesn't this just reek of giftage?

dolla dolla bills baby!

So one afternoon, I was awaiting DH in front of my jobsite. We carpool, partly to save gas and partly because I don't have a drivers license yet. (more on that later). One of our HR reps walked by and told me I should look into the commute program the company has. I kinda wrote it off, but she remembered and called my desk the next day to remind me. So I go and sign up and discover the city ALSO has one! Since DH also worked within city limits, I signed him also.

Fast forward a few months and I get mail at my desk! I never get mail at my desk. It's from the city & contains the $50 gift card for being a commuter. Sweeeeeeeeeet! Off I run to spend it at my LSS. (Local Scrapbook Store for my non scrapping visitors). Fast forward a few more months and the city revamps the program and relaunches the program. The sucky part of that $50 award is that it was once per person and DH left that job between the time that we qualified for the award and getting HIS $50 gc. That and it was a one time award. BUUUUUUUUT, with the revamp happening, I could get a NEW award!

Today I get an email stating that I qualified and here's my amazon gift code#. How cool is that? Off I go to spend it. LOL. and yes, I did it on the clock I was so giddy for the free moola. My shopping expedition sent me straight to my saved items. I spend lots of time building a wish list and adding/saving stuff to my cart. Eventually I get around to getting the stuff, I just don't like to forget.

You're probably getting bored at my rambling at this point and wondering what I got huh? Well I picked up a desk lamp. Recently on the Cricut Message Board someone extolled the virtues of a cheapy lamp they found at Walmart that worked just as good as an OTT-Lite. My problem with that is that DH and I decided to no longer shop there. So far I've done good. Almost a full year! But I found a lamp on Amazon that worked just as well!

This is Norm. He cost me a whole whopping $17.08 before tax. Compared to the Ott-Lite of the same size?
Hmmm... the immediate differences I see is that the Ott-Lite swivels and I can see the cord in Norm's Amazon image. I also picked up Charmed, S2 & a Mahjongg game for my DS. Both things I'll enjoy, but I'm not as excited about either as much!

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