Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No I'm not lazy

I've just been crazy busy at work. I never realized how draining talking on the phone can be at the end of the day! lol. and no you're not crazy, I left the christmas tree up ON PURPOSE. What better way to celebrate the greatest time of year?

So I never got the Jelly Roll into a firm shape. It came in, I tore it apart and the original plan kinda disinegrated in front of me. the roll told me it didn't like it and now it sits and stares at me from a tray (actually an empty sobe box/tray) mocking me. I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, but in the mean time, I bought a few charm squares! :teehee

Both have definite plans, so keep watching as they take shape. I hope to have one done by the time I leave for St Louis in July. Those crazy Bobers will get a huge kick out of it. here's a sample of that one! don't you love that cute little bootie! rofl

I did also make my first batch of tissue holders this past weekend. I was neglectful and forgot to get shower gifts for my sister's baby shower so I made a dozen of these, and stuffed the bag with candy she had. Boy was she thankful to get rid of all that candy!

In other worlds, I met a girl last night who is new to my Partylite team who lives close by! how exciting! We talked briefly about carpooling. We'll see how that pans out!

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amandajean said...

can you please e-mail me your address since you were one of the winners on my blog? thanks!


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