Monday, August 4, 2008

Miss Aloha strikes again.

This past Saturday was Kainoa's birthday party. I was originally going to make excuses to not come, but decided to go anyways. Auntie Donna held it at 56th Street Community Pool which is super neat bc it's got water slides and a lazy river and all sorts of fun stuff for kids. I unfortunately don't have tons of pictures. I think subliminally my mind is telling me that my camera sucks. After the pool closed though, we gathered for a "BBQ" bday feast out front. I hate that I have absolutely no pictures of it, but he's seven and I'm sure I'll get more as he gets older.

What I did get though, was pictures of Chelsea walking off with my purse! She grabbed it, slung it over her shoulder and waved bye. Total hilarity because she even said bye-bye! How did she know my purse would be the one with all the money?!?! I'm telling you... Mikey's in a world of trouble when this girl gets old enough to shop!

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