Monday, November 3, 2008

My Nephew has too many brains....

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I'm beginning to think that my sister should look into private school scholarships. Makana comes home every quarter with one of these Academic Excellence awards. His rewards from Uncle Jack & Auntie Ana will start getting expensive soon....either that or his school is too lax.... I'm willing to bet that he's just to SMART for his own good. Last year we promised him that every quarter he gets one of these, to tell us and we'd get him a surprise. Last time we gave him a PS2 game. Now I gotta go figure out what we're going to do for this one because he's got report cards coming up as well as his birthday AND christmas. Talk about raking it in!

The other week when we took him to the pumpkin patch, Jack explained negative number math to him and he caught on REAL fast even though he wasn't learning it in school and we weren't showing him on paper.

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