Tuesday, November 27, 2007

getting closer...

I seem to be getting closer to actually sewing. Not the purrsonal though. lol. I found a pattern for a cute little bunny at wee wonderfuls that I downloaded and printed. It will be PURRRFECT for Chelsea's bday present that I never got around to buying. yeah yeah yeah I know, but shes only one and I haven't had the chance to get down there anyways. sunday I promise! The bunny is in pieces waiting to be sewn and stuffed and while puttering around the house I decided to put all my fabrics in the perfectly sized PARTYLITE box lying there staring at me instead of the plastic bags I purchased them in. *anon* At least I thought she was done, until I saw the flickr group and someone did LONG fluffy ears.....so I'm changing it and making the "ears" into feet and cutting up the long fluffy ears to make tonight.

Imagine my surprise when I actually saw how much fabric I have! (we won't even go into patterns I haven't touched.) so I have two projects ready to sew, three if you count the tissue holder that didn't require any cutting. I have a fabric ready to be interfaced for a totebag for kekoa and some color books and I found some PURRRFECT fabric scraps that have just enough fabric to make a pretty purse for mom. gifts away! i need some stitch witch though....i think. i forget, it's been busy here at the j.o.b. I can't wait for the day that Partylite allows me to quit this! (either that or Microsoft!)

did I tell you that i decided to make sushi inari last night too? that's what clearing the cupboards getcha! lol

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