Sunday, November 18, 2007

So sue me...

So I was determined not to blog here. I keep trying out new blogs and still, for my everyday blogging, I kept returning to my Xanga blog. But today, while sur...actually it was last night while I was waiting for WoW to finally update properly, I came across yet another craft blog. I was googling how to make my own purse. or handbag - whatever you want to call it. So many of the girls on Best of Boards had been doing them and selling their wares that I felt that it wasn't too hard and I could try my hands at it. Well, then I found Crazy Mom Quilts and a weekly challenge that I felt wasn't too challenging to do. By the time I'm done with it, I'll have a couple quilts ready to gift away and maybe by then I'll have found a purse pattern I like!

I was at the Renton Holiday Bazaar and there was ONE lady there who wasn't simply a hobbist hawking her wares. She had some awesome looking purses, including a couple that looked rather high fashion! (I want to be like her!)

So stay tuned for shots of the projects I'll be working on. .... oh, and my regular everyday blog will still be on Xanga.... ;)

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Linda said...

Hi! I found your blog through Crazy Mom Quilts. I just wanted to tell you my hubby plays WoW, too. It is interesting to me to see the demographic of people who play that game!
Good luck with your quilting endeavors! I look forward to seeing everyone's blocks and all the different combinations that people come up with.


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