Wednesday, December 5, 2007

cute template yeah?

sorta.... I'm in the middle of learning how blogger does there between classes here at work, so excuse the mess while I sort things out!

I am so not liking these templates!!! Definitely going to have to spend more time on it!! It's not automatically as customizable as I would like and I'm having trouble getting everything to display right. Plus, I'm not into the free advertising for a company that already has millions to do that for them. It's not really me anyways......

ok, this one I like, but I would prefer my side panel to be on the OTHER will probably stay like that for a while... It's definitely more me than the rat movie one was and I like how nice and soothing the color combinations are. I'll do a little work later and try and figure out where in the coding the change is to move the panel to the other side. Hey, does that mean it's no longer "Tropical Grunge"? lol.

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