Monday, March 10, 2008

Babies on the brain...

It's been non stop talk about babies lately that has me wishing we were more ready to have one of our own. I know, though, that we're not. (doesn't stop me from wanting!) On Saturday afternoon, Jack and I went to Puamohala's shower. It's crazy to think that she's even PG, but at looking at Tanya's photoshoot with her, she's just GLOWING.

In typical filipino style, there was tons of food that i haven't had in ages - loved it to the point it hurt. lol. i was good though and made up for it by not eating that many desserts. it was pretty chaotic at the halau. I guess her family came in to do set up without her and did it differently than was normally done for halau "feeds". She had lots of guests (and presents) and the event was pretty chaotic (i said that already didn't I?). It was great to be able to see and catch up with some of the girls. I can't wait until I'll have time to start going....and transportation.

Sunday though was Secret's final baby shower. It sucks that I had to be the one to make all the arrangements (long distance) and that I had so little help with it. It was even crazier that Ivory was so secretive about her being PG again...esp since most everyone knew. The fun part about the shower is that the common phrase was "I made that!" lol. Chelsea made her an awesome looking fleece blanket. The neat part is that Tony helped out by picking the fabric print. It had cute wittle teddy bears and sports stuff on it. When Secret opened it, Chelsea had exclaimed in a voice of disbelief ~ I made that! which prompted us all to say it. How funny that she got so much homemade stuff!

Auntie Charlene sent up a small baby quilt for her and I made her a ring sling. I'd almost given up on it because the original intention was to give her one using the elmo fabric that I had bought years ago on ebay, but the flannel turned out to be too thick. (One day I'll make time to take it apart) But Friday night I was doing the chapstick holders and prepping the last of the kleenex holders when the fabric called to me. I was looking through the box for island prints so I could do a few in those and SAW it. I don't recall where I had gotten the fabric now, but I do know that the original intent was a shirt...or something... hey maybe I got it at Joann's!. Anyways, it turned into a nice little sling for Aiden. I hope she really likes it.

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