Friday, September 19, 2008

Birthday goodness

let me begin this by saying DH is one of those do or die shoppers when it comes to gifts. Either it will be REALLY REALLY awesome, or he gets you nothing at all. For my birthday this year, we weren't able to get home in time to get into the manager's office to pick up packages. They were there, he was there, but it was after hours so they wouldn't let him in.

But I got home yesterday, we picked up the package and then went to the apt. I went to change and while I was in the bedroom he layed it out for me so I'd see it when I came back into the main room. DECALS!

Name:  ls-fantasy-grn-350.jpg Views: 66 Size:  23.9 KB with one for my phone. He thought this design rather artsy-fartsy and since I've been so inclined lately, he thought I'd like it. (My first thought was of Colette ). Even cooler was that the phone decal comes with a code for a wallpaper so that it is one "complete" design.

Once I got done cooing over it, he showed me this one tooName:  ls-zen-rev-350.jpg Views: 66 Size:  27.5 KB

I got a spare set! and I got to choose which goes on first. so I've put the 2nd one on my phone and I'm saving the laptop decals until we decide how everything here is going to layout. space wise (we've been doing some massive moving around)

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