Friday, September 12, 2008

dolla dolla bills baby!

So one afternoon, I was awaiting DH in front of my jobsite. We carpool, partly to save gas and partly because I don't have a drivers license yet. (more on that later). One of our HR reps walked by and told me I should look into the commute program the company has. I kinda wrote it off, but she remembered and called my desk the next day to remind me. So I go and sign up and discover the city ALSO has one! Since DH also worked within city limits, I signed him also.

Fast forward a few months and I get mail at my desk! I never get mail at my desk. It's from the city & contains the $50 gift card for being a commuter. Sweeeeeeeeeet! Off I run to spend it at my LSS. (Local Scrapbook Store for my non scrapping visitors). Fast forward a few more months and the city revamps the program and relaunches the program. The sucky part of that $50 award is that it was once per person and DH left that job between the time that we qualified for the award and getting HIS $50 gc. That and it was a one time award. BUUUUUUUUT, with the revamp happening, I could get a NEW award!

Today I get an email stating that I qualified and here's my amazon gift code#. How cool is that? Off I go to spend it. LOL. and yes, I did it on the clock I was so giddy for the free moola. My shopping expedition sent me straight to my saved items. I spend lots of time building a wish list and adding/saving stuff to my cart. Eventually I get around to getting the stuff, I just don't like to forget.

You're probably getting bored at my rambling at this point and wondering what I got huh? Well I picked up a desk lamp. Recently on the Cricut Message Board someone extolled the virtues of a cheapy lamp they found at Walmart that worked just as good as an OTT-Lite. My problem with that is that DH and I decided to no longer shop there. So far I've done good. Almost a full year! But I found a lamp on Amazon that worked just as well!

This is Norm. He cost me a whole whopping $17.08 before tax. Compared to the Ott-Lite of the same size?
Hmmm... the immediate differences I see is that the Ott-Lite swivels and I can see the cord in Norm's Amazon image. I also picked up Charmed, S2 & a Mahjongg game for my DS. Both things I'll enjoy, but I'm not as excited about either as much!

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