Monday, April 13, 2009

Am I really THAT bad?

jeez..I said a week and somehow it evolved into a MONTH! Oddly enough, I had lots of peope message me in other formats about my post, but no one commented! Thus, the RAK'd gas card goes on the back burner for an opportunity later.

It's the Monday after Easter and I'm on my "lunch" hour. Oddly enough, the calories from breakfast were sustaining enough that I'm not really hungry now. I may make an english muffin later, but for now I'm good. Last fall, Washington State brought out this new rule where restaurants have to post the calorie count on their food products. Can I say how much that sucks to order at Jack in the Box and discover that their Denver Breakfast Bowl is OVER SEVEN HUNDRED CALORIES?!? That means paired with my Large smoothie, I ate my calorie count for the day before it barely started! Guess that means the gym tonight? ;)

Speaking of which, I found a GREAT workout area on my comcast On Demand. They've got their own website where you can download the workouts too! had programs like Cardioke where Billy Blanks son combined singing, working out and dancing. VERY cute and they included young and old, and various sizes in their TV workout group. I actually sat through that one though bc I had just done two other workouts. They had a short 13 minute AM Yoga one that I did which was a good. It was more intensive than the Yoga workout I do weekly with a live teacher, but still nice. They also had a "beginner hip hop" one that was fun. All in all, I did almost an hour of cardio and how good it felt! However, apparently I worked up a decent enough sweat where DH gently suggested I go shower when he got home from errands. LOL.

I also got a call this weekend from my Aunt though. Her eldest child is graduating this year and she wants to make sure she stays on top of everything. She wanted to enlist my help on invitation construction for her graduate and my other cousin who is also graduating. She's good on planning which is good. That way the kids don't get "last minute crap". Her son also just got his driver's license, So I thought I'd send him this card. It wasn't planned out, but the end result turned out rather nice.

cardstock: Bazzil
guitar and sentiment: CTMH
patterned paper: DCMV summer stack

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~BridgetL~ said...

Great card. I've looked at this set and thought I would pass, but now I want it. TFS


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