Saturday, December 8, 2007

items made, lessons learned.

so here we are, the end of the week. I was going to say that I've had a delightfully pleasant evening at home by myself but sadly did not sew anything until I remembered! I sewed little sacks for my Partylite products to sit in. There's nothing fancy to them. Just a piece of fleece sealed at the edges. ;)

Last night I finished up my sample Pursonal and my first chapstick holder. I like how they turned out too! The pursonal wasn't so neat and pretty, but it's functional and will tell me what I need to work on when I next approach it.

Changes to my Pursonal.
- name change. I didn't actually BUY it from three green apples, so I shouldn't be calling it that. I'll call it mah-ee instead. phonetic spelling for you hawaiians out there ;)
-add a flap to the top. pulling it out of your purse is one thing, but the top edge is still exposed, making it VERY obvious what it is.
-neaten up the stitches :D lol.
-interface both the inner AND outer fabric. My first one didn't and the top is somewhat floppy considering I used such a lightweight fabric.

I've got a show tomorrow afternoon, so I'll post pictures once I get home from that. It's a busy exciting weekend. Here's to hoping I remember to call Tambra and Thelma tomorrow before this event starts.



Christy said...

Hi Liana! Thanks for commenting on my blog. For some reason, your comment didn't make it to my email inbox, so I just saw it.

The cookies that look like Reindeer droppings are Pumpkin. And they are actually very tasty!

Rebekah said...

this is such a great idea and would totally save me time trying to find my chapstick in the black hole that I call my purse!


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