Tuesday, April 22, 2008

don't run away!

so a few weeks ago, rather desperate for some last minute baby shower gifts I made some cute little chapstick holders and kleenex pretties for the guests. We were low on $$ and I had lots of fabric. Sadly not a lot of time. :/

They were great in the bags though and with some added candies, no one knew different. lol. My bigger issue though, was that I realized (just recently) that I never made one for me! Auwe, how could I do that! I go through more Kleenex than any THREE people I know! seriously. I do! for reals! This past weekend, I was clearing off my desk for Andrew & Jack's Karazhan run when I discovered some left over fabrics. quick as a wink I sewed myself up the prettiest kleenex pretty of them all! The kicker? Last minute all the plans changed and Jack decided to do something ELSE sending Andrew over to Pauls and me home alone for the rest of the day. :( I dunno when the last time I felt so abandoned was! Needless to say, my sewing machine was there to comfort me! ;)

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