Monday, April 21, 2008


I participated in my first swap this month on and learned quite a few things. Swap details? This is the Easy Peasy Swap - it's just that! Easy Peasy!
You are required to make ONE MEDIUM SIZED CRAFT and that is it. No more, no less. Just a medium.
What is a medium? For this swap please plan to spend 2-4 hours of crafting time. Crafting time is actual time that you are spending physically crafting. time to dry does not count. shopping for the crafting does not count. physically crafting is the time that counts Wink
easy peasy! love anything that has that phrase attached. I sooo didn't love this swap though :( I think mostly because of the time of time. I had procrastinated on getting my expenses for my Partylite business detailed down so I could do my taxes and so spent zero hour online at finishing up. but THAT'S a whole nother story.... I drew Disneybelle as my swap partner and learned quite a few things about her. The obvious being her love of disney stuff. ;) I also learned that she's graduating from Perdue and moving to Florida soon. She was hoping to get stuff to decorate her new home with utilizing her favorite colors of Black, Brown and "martha stewart blue". I had no idea what MS blue was, but she explained that it's that light almost tealish blue found on her website. I had so many ideas running through my head that time ran away from me before I realized it. I had to hurry to finish up so it's not as pretty as I would *like* it to be, but she still loved it!

Did I mention I still haven't finished my quilt a long blocks? I've got to meet a hostess tonight in Southcenter so I think I'll finally stop by Joann's and get a self healing mat big enough for my sewing projects. The small 8x11 one for my scrapbooking just isn't cutting it. pun intended ;)

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