Monday, December 1, 2008

1st day of Christmas

Suffice it to say that I know for certain that my family doesn't read my blog...At least not my parents. Recently, on Ali Edwards blog, she asked what tradition we had for the holidays. I'm sad to say that after ten years of marriage, we don't have any. In fact, I shocked my husband this year by saying I just wanted to spend Christmas day at home with him. The caveat being that we had to spend it together. Watching TV, playing games...whatever. As long as we spent it together.

The neat part though, is that one commenter responded that the tradition she had is that she would mail her mother in law a card for every day in December with a small memory and/or picture. I decided to do this with my parents. It's been a hard year and I think this would be a nice thing for them to receive. This is the first card I'm sending. It's actually "batch one" of the cards I'm sending this year. I'm having fun crafting them.

Inside the card I wrote about how thankful I am to have parents as caring as they are throughout my life.

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