Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Laundry Confessions

I'll have to admit that until a meetup earlier this year with some fellow sewing bloggers in my area, I didn't really track which blogs I liked to follow. I randomly clicked on links that sounded interesting and left comments when the mood moved me (which wasn't that often). I'm more of a blog lurker than a comment-er. I knew that what I constantly read was quite a large list. Anina was the one who specifically commented that she used google reader to follow her blogs and that sometimes she just wiped them all clean. "Now why didn't I think of that!" I thought as I sat there. I actually had blogs in my reader, but never actually followed them using the application. Now I'm faithful to my reader as I can access it easier and faster in the reader application on my Blackberry than I can when I'm browsing each blog seperately. Not to mention how much time I save typing!

At any rate, I digress. One of the blogs I follow is that of Amy Sorenson - "The English Geek" who posted today about her Laundry Confessions. Do you have down and dirty, yet to be cleaned and claimed secrets about your Laundry habits? I mention it because I had just responded to an email from Melissa regarding our significant others and their dress habits. More specifically their habits concerning the dreaded "DRESS UP CLOTHES". Sunday best, as it used to be known. She has a holiday event coming up and the closest she could get her DH to a TUX was a suit. Whether that includes a tie is left to be seen. ;) I told her that my DH was liked that. So much of a gearhead, in fact, that he'd wipe the oil dipstick from his car on the back of his jeans. (I used to cringe so badly when I saw that) His side of the closet could be easily measure with a Yardstick with room to properly space each piece of clothing with two fingers spacing between each. Nowadays he's more of a clothes horse than I am. The only reason my side of the closet is bigger is because I have articles I refuse to give/throw away. I'm sure you're familiar with them. Those clothes from days gone by that you JUST KNOW that you'll fit back into? yeah that. sooooNOThappening, but that's a tale for another day. I'm digressing again.

Her story struck familiar chords with me. I too sort by color (and sometimes weight) of the items, but I also do it when the clothes are dry! In my house, we always seem to be on the go, so laundry tends to stick to piles. I'm recently trying to rectify that, but one of the constants has been that when those piles got too high, I'd drag the baskets into the bedroom and sort. 1 basket for stuff to be hung and/or ironed. 1 for pants, another for tops. the last was for socks and underclothes. This last basket is always the first to be done. Underclothes are easy and quick to fold....yes those socks stay put until I'm in the mood. Pants come next and then maybe I'll get around to tops. DH is in charge of hanging up, but mostly because he does a crappy job of it and I keep thinking that the longer he does it the more he'll get used to doing it properly. maybe. i'm probably delusional. You'll notice that bed linens and towels aren't mentioned huh? That's because they're the first load. they're tossed into the drier as soon as the washer stops and then folded/put away immediately. easy peasy.

oh yeah...and those socks? They're waaaaay last mostly because I keep finding DH's socks in the oddest places.

What are YOUR Laundry Confessions?

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