Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Fun Day

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We took my nephew Makana to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend for the annual fun day. It's probably the ONLY yearly tradition DH and I have. Since we started, i've always taken a picture of the two of them with the wheelbarrow because nephew was small enough to carry in it at the time. I think though, at almost 9 years of age, he's getting a little big for it. Guess we'll REALLY see next year. Here's a hint though. Don't go to a plant nursery and expect the same thing.

We've traditionally taken him to Spooner Farms in Orting. Lots of fun. I was actually more worried that they'd still be there given the trend of farmers selling out the past few years. But I had emails from this nursery in Puyallup that was going to do a festival type thing so I thought we'd go there. BIG mistake. Nephew not only told me how lame the place was in terms of Kid Fun-ness, but he told me I sucked as he ran away laughing. We realized the folly of our ways, grabbed a hot dog from the rotary people and went back to tradition.

Spooner farms was rather crowded this year. But regardless, the weather was nice (enough that people were there in SHORTS!). We all had fun and at the end, Jack helped Makana carve the first pumpkin. In the end, he was sad to see us go.

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