Sunday, February 8, 2009


I've mentioned it a few times in previous posts. Had I been updating this on a daily basis like I should have been (LOL) you would have seen posts from earlier days that mention driving and starting to drive. I got my driver's license this past September on my Birthday. My 32nd birthday to be specific. It's been much harder to handle because we own a stick shift and Jack isn't a patient person. But we rented an Automatic Transmission car and did some driving around to get me situated and scheduled the drive. Once I had my license, I taught myself Stick shift on my husband's car. But his wisdom tooth extraction made it necessary that I go farther than the grocery store a mile away. I needed to know that I could handle the stick shift among other cars in case he needed to go to the doctor. I'm proud to say I did it, and the following work day after his surgery, he announced that I since I did so well, I would now be driving myself to work! I was properly shocked and panicked.

Luckily, it was also a floating holiday for me and he had originally intended to work from home. He discovered that he didn't have access to all the tools he needed and was going to go into work. Armed with the knowledge that I would be driving to work the next day, I opted to tag along for some "practice" time in that area. But I got distracted and instead went shopping. ;) I digress though. This picture was taken on my 2nd day of driving. As I was warming up the car to go drive to his work (we the AM, he drives to work and I drive to my work from there)I realized that I didn't have a picture of me "driving". So I set the camera on Timer and took this picture while the car warmed up. Isn't it an exciting milestone?

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Chara Michele said...

Oh that is so exciting! Now next time we do a blog meet up it will be even easier for you to make it :) Yay! :)


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