Thursday, January 29, 2009

10:365 On the Road Again...

I LOVE that phrase. Everytime I hear it, I see Willie Nelson in my head. But he's too old for me. In fact, I sometimes wonder if he isn't just too old for EVERYONE... But the song invokes such squishy happy feelings doncha think? I saw him on TV recently and smiled. But I think the real shocker was seeing Dick Clark on TV looking so feeble. Kinda puts things in perspective for ya, huh? I choose to shoot this photo, which in actuality was a series of photos so I could get one with my foot in the picture, because like many people I'm on a new venture. Get fit, get in shape, lose some weight. I weighed in the beginning of this year at 174.6lbs which was a shocker for me. I'm considered OBESE by BMI standards, and even when I buy new clothes, I quickly "outshape" them. I can't say outgrow, because grow wouldn't be appropriate. I'm happy to say that I've done pretty good so far. I'm exercising and enjoying it. I'm still not a sports nut, but I found a good reason to exercise and I find it relaxes me. I joined a Yoga class that gets me away from my desk at the J.O.B. that's sponsored by my employer and not only is it invigorating, it has helped a lot with my discipline. Here's hoping I last past the first quarter of this year!

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