Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I'm behind on my blogging. This is photo 1:365 for Project 365. Not very well framed or lit, but there you go. My camera skills to date. (aren't they AWESOME??) My plan, really, is to learn how to compose photos more since I have this nifty new camera and still plan on buying a dSLR. It's been years since I've been the camera hound and want to get back to it. At any rate, I spend quite a bit of time in this position. To my left is the oh so warm heater vent and what you see on the screen is a message board I am a Moderator for. BestofBoards.com is a Direct Sales consultant resources. Built by a consultant, for consultants! We have a large group of men and women that span various aspects of Direct Sales companies from Partylite (the first) to Longerberger and even Homemade Gourmet and others. With the way the economy has been lately, we're seeing more and more companies close their doors, but we exist for the sole reason of helping each other.

I started Project 365 hesitantly, but liked the idea of documenting my life. I love to scrapbook, but don't have much content as I don't have children of my own yet. 2009 seems to be my year of revelations, so it will be interesting to see where life will take me during this project.

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