Saturday, January 3, 2009

Start the new year with a bang.

Late last year (read, earlier this week), I began having problems with the creating keepsakes website. I didn't notice it at first, but I was trying to make a concerted effort to read, learn and participate more often. That's when I noticed that everytime I tried to post a reply to a fellow board member the website was having me re-log back in. That's not supposed to happen, I thought. But then I thought more... there were always CHMOD errors in the gallery....

I decided to give it a rest and try it again later. Like from home, since I *WAS* at work goofing off! But I went home to find the same issue. I went to work the next day and sent an email off. then a PM to the MB admin. then I gave up in frustration. THIS IS WHY!!! This is why I'm not frequening the board that often...they can't keep it properly maintained! A new website design and I've had problems ever since! How do they expect me to order products exclusive to them, if they can't keep the general pages from crashing? What type of web security does that assure me of?

Sure enough, I got home on New Years Day from the in-laws home to find this...

apparently all those scrapbookers eager to begin Project 365 added to the normal website load crashed the website. The ordering system went awry and customers in a panic headed over to the MB. (bc there's ALWAYS someone there with a witty or knowledgeable answer....)

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