Thursday, January 29, 2009

9:365 What a Mess!

I'm sure we've all seen kitchens in this state before....It's borderline disgusting to look at, even in retrospect. How fitting that it is yet again Thursday when I write this! Mine tends to get like this either when I'm baking up a storm (sometimes, not always) or when dear hubby is left to his devices. The difference is that when I'm cooking something long and involved or when I'm baking I try and clean up as I go. Leaves less of a disaster when you're finally done. Plus, what else is a dishwasher for but to hide it all? At any rate, I left for work Thursday morning with only the items on the left. For the record, that's a level, 1 baking sheet, a gladware dish, a 2 cup measuring cup, 3 cooling racks and a roaster pan under it. I CAME HOME to everything else this morning.

yes I said came home this morning. I had pool league playoffs on thursday and didn't get home until almost 1am. Pool nights tend to run long. I literally leave as soon as I get home and our team plays 5 matches. If we're lucky, I'll be home before midnight. That's not always the case though. BTW, can I say that I'm not happy with the "watermark" in the image below? I did it using GIMP and I truly don't like it. GIMP's been good when I need quick edits at work, but that's about it. I'll stick to Photoshop thankyouverymuch.

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