Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'm so behind! The good news though, is that it's not the picture TAKING that I'm behind in. It's the uploading to my flickr set and blogging that I am. It's been an adventurous year so far. I'm working out more and am down 2 lbs this month already (woohoo!). Jack finally admitted to the pain in his mouth and went to the dentist only to find out that he has to have 2 root canals and a LOT of other work done. Including having a wisdom tooth out on Saturday. BOO! The good thing about that is that the oral surgeon perscribed Percocets. Jack's loving that because now he's pain free like he's not been in many years.

At any rate, like the photo? I *really* thought neon was a thing of the past! Jimmy Mac's is a restaurant in downtown Renton. When we're in the area, I always glance over in interest. Since Jack and I were out on "date night" already I asked if we could stop in and grab food for dinner. (it was late so I didn't want to keep them any longer.) They make the BEST rolls!

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